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We inspire your effort to make more profit for your businesses/organization by the use of cutting edge technology and creating full online presence.

We are a creative group of people who design and influence brands/businesses/organization with digital experience.

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We are inspiring and supporting young sustainability entrepreneurs and their businesses and provide tailored support via digitized aid, from simple solutions with far-reaching impacts for their businesses to groundbreaking cutting-edge technologies and leading the way to a more sustainable future.

We create MAGICAL & modern experiences!

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Swotter recognises and supports brilliant young innovators, using SMEs/ business ideas to tackle the planet’s biggest environmental and social challenges and to help them achieve scale for impact.

We pride in helping SMEs grow their businesses.
We dwell in Speed, Quality and Timely Delivery.


We are a network giant of best African Technology Talent in the world.

The team

We provide support to help entrepreneurs grow, mentoring support that completely tailored to their needs, these could range from business support through to personal development coaching, business consultation and whatever is most needed to help that entrepreneur and their business succeed, and where it’s right for both sides, we’ll support the entrepreneur to open doors and make new business connections.




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we will enhance the livelihoods of millions of people as we grow their businesses with massive economic growth.

Life of Ideas


We know that the world’s problems will only be solved with the ideas and talents of a new generation of leaders and future-makers who are challenging business as usual, and who are the future of sustainability. We see a big opportunity to support, inspire, reward and collaborate with them, to help them scale and grow – both as individuals and as enterprises.

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